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Whether you prefer to ride a Harley Davidson or sportbike, we can help keep you on the road and riding! Our specialty is Harley mechanic services. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t work on your sportbike too. Fireblade Performance has been providing quality Harley mechanic services for over 20 years. We understand how difficult it can be to find a great Harley mechanic that you trust to work on your bike. Our Harley mechanic services are second to none in Bakersfield. Over the years, we have repaired, serviced, maintained, and even restored thousands of Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Fireblade Performance is a custom Harley mechanic and motorcycle repair shop you can rely on for quality workmanship. The entire Fireblade Performance team makes us stand out from the crowd. When you bring your bike to Fireblade Performance, you can trust that we will service your motorcycle with the highest level of care. We take pride in our work and love seeing the way our customers get excited when their bike is serviced and ready for the road.

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Fireblade Performance differs from Other Harley Mechanic Shops

We will work on your Harley and your
other bikes too!

For years, like many motorcycle repair shops in Bakersfield, Fireblade Performance only worked on one kind of bike: Harley Davidson. Many of our customers have multiple motorcycles, and they would always express how frustrating it was to require different motorcycle shops for different bikes. Even though Harley mechanic services are our specialty, we decided we would support other types of motorcycles to provide a level of convenience that our customers love.

There were a few minor hiccups along the way. We needed to expand our toolsets because we didn’t have the right tools for other bikes. Eventually, we purchased the tools we needed and have been providing professional mechanic services for most types of motorcycles ever since. We will take care of you when you need service for your motorcycles.

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Bring your bike in to experience the best Harley Motorcycle Repair Shop in Bakersfield. After you work with us, you wont need another motorcycle shop.
Bike Night at Fireblade Performance is not like Bike Night ANYWHERE ELSE!
Fireblade Performance is the place to be when we host Bike Night. Meet new friends, hang out, and try to win prizes and more!
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The History of a Harley Mechanic Shop

Fireblade Performance was founded in 2007 by a man named Philip Lashley. Philip ran Fireblade Performance and helped set the standards for what Fireblade Performance is today. From 2007 to 2017, Philip did a fantastic job creating a reputation for the shop. It wasn’t long before Fireblade Performance became the premier motorcycle shop in Bakersfield for all your motorcycle needs.

In 2017, Philip had some personal matters that led to him moving out of California to the East Coast. Before leaving California, Philip had made plans for his friend, Rob Shepard, to take over the shop and continue the legacy of Fireblade Performance. Since then, Rob has continued to uphold the high standards and reputation of Fireblade Performance.

This Harley Mechanic Shop is U.S. Veteran Owned

Rob Shepard is a U.S. Army Veteran who served our country proudly and returned home successfully after a tour in Iraq. His core values are strong and run deep. The Army helped reinforce values in Rob that show through every day in how he manages and operates Fireblade Performance. His attention to detail and structured approach to situations set Fireblade Performance apart from every shop in town. We strive to ensure every customer leaves our shop knowing that we went the extra mile to ensure your motorcycle is perfect.

Besides being a veteran, Rob and his team continue to give back to our country by helping and volunteering their time at a local veterans’ memorial camp in Bakersfield, Camp Hamilton. Camp Hamilton is known for holding events supporting veterans and assisting veterans in various ways. Rob Shepard has spent countless hours volunteering at Camp Hamilton to make sure that it stays alive and available for the veterans who enjoy their time there.

Patriotic Motorcycle Shop
Hamilton Logo

A Living Memorial

Camp Hamilton Veterans Memorial Park is a place to recognize and memorialize veterans of all branches of the United States Armed Forces. To provide a living memorial of trees to honor military soldiers who served our country who have died, so they will not be forgotten.

Young Boy Motorcycle

Learning to Be a Harley Mechanic Started Early in Life

As a child, Rob was enthusiastic about motorcycles. He always knew that motorcycles would be a large part of his life. Rob had dreams of owning a motorcycle someday. At 13, he had finally saved enough money to buy a motorcycle. Owning a motorcycle was still a challenge for Rob. He had little money, so the bike he purchased needed some love to get it going and running well. Rob pushed forward and learned how to work on motorcycles while working on his motorcycle.

Rob learned a great deal about motorcycle mechanics as a young man and eventually owned many motorcycles. His passion for motorcycles continued to grow and expand to where Rob’s entire life was riddled with motorcycles throughout. The day finally came that Rob could invest in the motorcycle community even more than before. Rob became the new owner and Harley mechanic at Fireblade Performance.

Today Fireblade Performance is stronger than ever and has a following deeper than any other Harley mechanic shop in Bakersfield. Bring your motorcycle to us and see why Bakersfield chooses Fireblade Performance for all of their Harley mechanic needs.

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