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Rob Shepard took over Fireblade Performance in 2017 when the original owner Philip Lashley ended up needing to move to the East Coast. Rob Shepard is a U.S. Army Veteran who served our country proudly and returned home successfully after a tour in Iraq. His core values are strong and run deep. The Army helped reinforce values in Rob that show through every day in the way that he manages and operates Fireblade Performance. His attention for detail and structured approach to situations helps to make sure that every customer that leaves his shop, leaves knowing that Fireblade Performance went above and beyond to take care of their needs.

In addition to being a veteran, Rob and his crew continue to give back to our country by helping out and volunteering their time at a local camp in Bakersfield, Camp Hamilton. Rob and the other motorcycle mechanics in Bakersfield that work for him, volunteer to help provide a sanctuary for other veterans to visit and enjoy time. Camp Hamilton is known for holding events that support veterans and provide assistance to veterans in various ways. Rob Shepard has spent countless hours volunteering at Camp Hamilton to make sure that it stays alive and available for the veterans who enjoy their time there. 

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History of Motorcycles and Rob

Rob Shepard knew he always wanted a career that involved motorcycles somehow. When Rob was a young child he enjoyed spending time riding anything with 2 wheels that he could get his hands on. Rob dreamed of having his own motorcycle and at the age of 13, he finally saved enough money to buy his very first motorcycle. Being only 13 and not having a lot of money at the time, he was able to buy a motorcycle that “needed some work”. That didn’t stop Rob from accomplishing his goal. Rob bought the bike knowing it needed work, his passion for motorcycles drove him to settle for nothing less than success. Having a little bit of experience in motorcycle mechanics (as much as a 13 year could have) Rob accepted the challenge, purchased the motorcycle and completely rebuilt the motor and the rest of the motorcycle from the ground up. It was a project that would provide inspiration for his entire life. His very first bike at 13, ended up being the first of MANY!

Rob spent as much time as he possibly could burying himself into the innerworkings of motorcycles and motorcycle engines. He spent time tinkering and tuning motorcycles most of his younger years. It got to the point where motorcycles and engines were a part of his every day life. After years as a child and young teenager learning about motorcycles, he continued to build and work on motorcycles into his adult life. He was following his passion and following his dreams. This was the very beginning of how Rob came to finally accomplish his dream of owning his very own motorcycle shop in Bakersfield.

Today, there isn’t much Rob can’t work on when it comes to motorcycles. His in-depth knowledge and skillset have been finetuned over decades of trial and error and learning about the intricacies of motorcycles and how they work.

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Motorcycle Mechanics in Bakersfield

When you operate your life with passion and drive, you attract other likeminded people. As such, the entire crew of motorcycle mechanics in Bakersfield that work for Rob at Fireblade Performance have a similar passion and interest in working on motorcycles. Fireblade Performance has several mechanics that are very driven and educated when it comes to motorcycle mechanics. Because of the passion for motorcycles that the entire crew at Fireblade Performance has, they’ve been able to give back to the community in other ways by offering paid apprenticeship programs for younger up and coming mechanics that have an interest in motorcycles.

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Core Values and Giving Back

Rob and his team of highly skilled motorcycle mechanics in Bakersfield all continue to share the same core values to this day. Fireblade has made arrangements with work schedules and shop hours to help accommodate special community events and allow employees to participate in giving back to the community in many ways. It is because of the values and beliefs that Rob has and that his crew shares that make Fireblade Performance a great place to have your motorcycle worked on. If you’ve never been down to Fireblade Performance, take a moment on your next day off and head down to pay a visit. Get your oil changed or a set of new shoes on your bike. Give Fireblade Performance a shot at earning your business. You’ll be glad you did!

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