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The Man Behind Fireblade

Rob Shepard has owned Fireblade Performance since 2017. Learn more about how Rob has pushed to make  Fireblade better and help our community.

The History of a Motorcycle Repair Shop

Fireblade Performance is definitely the custom motorcycle repair shop you want to take your bike to when you want something done right and look good. Fireblade Performance is a professional shop that can take care of your needs, but the shop itself isn’t what makes Fireblade Performance what it is. When it comes down to it, Fireblade is a custom motorcycle repair shop you can rely on because of the people behind it. It is the Fireblade staff that really makes our shop what it is. Our entire staff is highly focused on treating our customers with importance and respect, we strive to make sure that our customer service is beyond fanatical. We believe that each and every customer that chooses Fireblade Performance keeps us going and running strong! Our focus on customer service is what really sets us apart from the other custom motorcycle repair shops around.

Fireblade Performance Grand Opening 2007

Fireblade Performance was first established as a custom motorcycle repair shop in 2007. The business was founded and started by a man named Philip Lashley. Philip ran Fireblade Performance and helped set the standards for what Fireblade is today. From 2007 to 2017 Philip did an awesome job at creating a reputation for the shop that was known to many throughout Bakersfield as the premier shop to go to for all of your motorcycle needs. The initial focus was heavy on Harley Davidson and cruiser type motorcycles, however it wasn’t long that word got out that Fireblade Performance was different from the rest. Our reputation grew as a custom motorcycle repair shop that was capable of servicing and repairing Harley’s and cruisers but also sportbikes and just about everything else with 2 wheels. 

In 2017, Philip had some personal matters that led to him moving out of California to the East Coast. Prior to leaving California, Philip had made arrangements with a friend of his, Rob Shepherd to take over the shop and continue the legacy of Fireblade Performance. Since then, Rob has indeed continued the legacy and the level of professionalism and capabilities that our community had grown to expect from Fireblade. 

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