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Owning a motorcycle requires a lot of responsibility if you want to be as safe as possible. One of the biggest responsibilities when you own a motorcycle is keeping up with routine maintenance and preventative maintenance. Making sure that you have a solid maintenance schedule for your motorcycle will help make sure your bike lasts longer and is safe to ride.

Motorcycle Service

It may be common to think missing an oil change isn’t a big deal. Many people change the oil in their cars outside of the maintenance window, but a motorcycle is different. Oil levels are critical on motorcycles.

High Performance

A motorcycle is typically tuned with more performance than most cars, and because of this, your motorcycle’s engine operates more aggressively. Oil breaks down and thins out quicker with motorcycles.

Maintenance Schedule

Motorcycles are safer when they are properly maintained. Taking care of routine motorcycle maintenance is much safer than waiting until something breaks. Mechanical issues on the road can often be prevented by proper maintenance.

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Taking the time to get to know your motorcycle is the best way to know when something doesn’t seem right. It is important to ride enough your motorcycle that you can tell the difference between normal sounds and abnormal sounds. There is a lot of information that you can gather from listening to your bike and how it runs. Also, pay attention to the amount of vibration that is normal and the feel of the pull on the throttle. When you know all about your bike, you’ll know when it needs service. Sometimes maintenance is required prior to the scheduled time. Preventative motorcycle service and maintenance is key to having a safe bike.

With Fireblade Performance, you have decades of professional motorcycle repair services available for the care of your bike. Our mechanics are seasoned and experienced with working on all different motorcycles.

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Proper Motorcycle Service is Safer

Helping keep you safe on your bike is always number 1. Did you know that preventative and routine maintenance can save you money too? Often the consequences for not properly maintaining your motorcycle are far more expensive than the maintenance itself. By making sure you follow a solid motorcycle service schedule, you will help ensure your engine lasts the longest.

Examples of Maintenance Items that can get very expensive if not tended to with the motorcycle services necessary to ease the issue.


If you let your brakes wear beyond the brake pads, you risk damaging your rotors. Motorcycle rotors are far more expensive than brake pads.


It is important to pay attention to your wear-bars and the amount of air you have in your tires. Poor tread or low air pressure can increase the risk of a tire blowing out and even crashing.


If your motorcycle has a chain, then making sure your chain is properly cared for will increase its lifespan. Not properly caring for your chain can cut its life in half or more.


It is always important to know your coolant levels. Many bikes are liquid cooled and require proper fluid levels to maintain safe operating temperatures in your motor.

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Whatever kind of motorcycle service you are looking for, remember to swing by Fireblade Performance! We will get your motorcycle service needs handled and you back on the road!

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Ted B
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Wow! I've been searching for a good knowledgeable motorcycle repair shop to work on my old-school classic motorcycles. I was recommended by the local Triumph Dealership that Fireblade works on most vintage bikes and Rob the owner is the …More
Victor C
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I gotta set a rims for my road king and the back rim the bearing was different.. The place that I got the rims from They were gonna take 3 weeks to have my rim back..I call rob on Tuesday and on Wednesday the rim was ready..
James M
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I've reached out to Rob quite a few times for help with my motorcycle. On every occasion he has made time for me to bring my bike as soon as possible. When he's able to fix what's wrong, his prices are good. When he's given a shot at fixing things that I broke but it turns out to be machine shop worthy, he didn't charge me for his time and he made recommendations on the next steps for repair. Additionally, when my first bike was stolen, he helped to spread the word and gave me advice on retrieving it. Good dude, good shop.
Wayne S
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Had a great time thankyou Rob and his crew for the hospitilit.it wont be forgotton.ANNYWAYS HAPPEN TO FIND A SET OF KEYS WE LOST A SET WITH A BRASS CLASP THANKs ill come by in the morning thanks
James B
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Had a leak from my transmission drain plug, and didn't have the tools to take care of it myself. These guys swapped quick for a reasonable price, no more leak.
Max E
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What a fantastic place to get my work done most knowledgeable motorcycle people I've run across in years Robby is a fountain of information like I've never seen fair pricing fast service most of all knowledgeable cannot praise these people enough
Joey M
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First time in I needed tires for my bike. Harley Davidson was going to be close to 600 for the tires and install, these guys got me the right tires and install for under 400. Not only that, but they also understood my particular situation with work and finances at the time, so they got me the best deal they could find, and was very quick about the install. Second time I took it in for a problem I was having, they looked at it for (no joke) 2 minutes and figured out the problem. I was in and out in 20 minutes. Such a great team they got running the show. I recommend anyone to them.
Christina M
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This is the only place I will trust with my bike. Also, the first place I will go when I'm looking to buy or build a bike. The Lashley's shop is top notch in parts and people.